Founded in 2006 and based in Glendale, NY, S.O.S Maintenance, Inc, has quickly grown with the basic fundamentals of performing at a high level at a fair price. We pride ourselves on servicing each client as though they are our only client. One of the common concerns expressed in the facilities maintenance industry, is that vendors are not flexible enough and do not understand each client/potential client is different in some way. S.O.S Maintenance truly understands this and with our collaborative approach, we ensure each client has a specialized program and process.

From the first couple service calls received back in 2006, to now over 80 multi-site chains across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, S.O.S Maintenance continues to grow at an exciting rate. The main reason for our success is the partnerships that are developed with each of our clients. Our goal is to not “push paper”, but to truly understand each client’s needs and expectations and over time eventually be able to think like each client.

S.O.S also has a broad range of industries that we serve.Below, but not limited to, are industries we have knowledge and experience working with: